Australian Coast to Coast Virtual Airlines

Excellence in Flight

Welcome to Australian Coast to Coast Virtual Airlines

Our mission is to service the entire continent of Australia with domestic, regional, and international flights. Our top priority is our pilots so please do not hesitate to ask for help when in need. We kindly ask pilots to show respect to one another as we take to the skies together as one virtual airline.

With flights all over the world, a diverse fleet of aircraft, and a caring management team this virtual airline is the place to be. Come and explore the world with our friendly and helpful community of pilots.

If you have any suggestions or need help? Drop us an email and we will be sure to contact you as soon as possible.

Our contact email is located: here.

We were the leading airline on FSAirlines in the Australian Division in all Area's. (See 'Roster and Statistics' page for more information) and are now changing to the simfly system.

To Join, Go to the Join page and also fill out the SimFly Page (which should be functional soon).

We have our own Wiki page through the FSAirlines Wiki you can view it via the link: here 



Virtual Airline will be reopening again soon after testing of the new VA platform is finished.